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2014 Holatron Workshop Recap!

Last Wednesday (May 28th) Roger George Rentals hosted a Holatron Workshop that was a complete hit! Bullet Hit, that is!

The entire RGR family would like to thank Charlie Holdaway (Inventor of the Holatron Firing System) for coming out and giving a demonstration of how his system works.

With a shop full of FX Guys and Gals, Charlie took the stage and showed us his new products, as well as gave lessons and tips on how the old ones work.
Armed to the teeth with wireless transmitters, receivers, spectrum analyzers, and even lasers!
Charlie’s lecture was one not to soon be forgotten.

For any inquiries about the Holatron System, give us a call at Roger George(818)-994-3049 or check out the official Holatron Website www.holatron.com

Thanks again to everyone who came out to this event! Stay tuned for more events like this in the future!

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