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The Original PyroClip(TM) Terminals

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The Original PyroClip(TM) Terminals

Price: $3.35

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The Original PyroClip(TM) electrical terminals are specially made out of stainless steel, nickel plated brass and high impact plastic. (These clips are sometimes called binding posts, beehive connectors and spring loaded wire posts.)

Available in three sizes—mini, standard, tall—in either black or red. (Mini and Tall in image).

There are three types of post configurations—solder tip, standard stainless w/solder lug, and PCB (printed circuit board). NOTE: We do not make the tall size clip with a PCB post.


MINI: Red, orange, yellow, black

STANDARD: Red, yellow, black. SOME: Orange, green, blue, purple, grey

TALL: Yellow, black, red.

Bulk pricing available.

Call 818-994-3049 for more information or to place an order.