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Backstage Handbook

Backstage Handbook is one of the most widely used stagecraft texts.
It’s a handy reference book with a vast amount of useful information for designers, technicians and students who work behind the scenes in theater, film and television.

The book features chapters on tools, hardware, materials, electricity, shop math, architecture and theatrical stagecraft.  It includes hundreds of helpful illustrations, tables and charts.

Price: $22.00

Chemistry of Pyrotechnics & Explosives, by Conkling

A perennial bestseller, Chemistry of Pyrotechnics and Explosives: Basic Principles and Theory, is simply the most definitive reference in this field.

Written with the pyro-technician in mind, Author J.A. Conkling provides a practical, streamlined background in chemistry, thermodynamics, light emission, oxidizing agents, fuels, binders, and retardants—then explores virtually every aspect of formulating pyrotechnics.

He also covers the preparation of high-energy mixtures, ignition and propagation, heat and delay compositions as well as color and light production including sparks, flitter, and glitter.

The journal Pyrotechnica stated that this book “belongs on every pyrotechnist’s bookshelf.”

Price: $109.95

Creating Special Effects for TV and Video

Creating Special Effects for TV and Video is a concise and practical introduction to the world of special effects. The Third edition provides instructions for a wide range of effects with clear illustrations and photographs.

Price: $54.95

Emergency Response Guidebook (2012 edition)

The Emergency Response Guidebook provides instructions on handling hazardous materials.

Produced by the Department of Transportation for first responders—this book provides best safety practices for dealing with hazards.

It’s a must for anyone working in practical special effects.  It’s well indexed and cross-referenced so you can find instructions fast!

The guidebook is revised every four years and the 2012 edition is most current.

Price: $3.50

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pyrotechnics


This three-volume Encyclopedia Set is a complete A-Z guide to everything pyrotechnic!

The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pyrotechnics contains more that 4600 entries, 3300 cross-references, abbreviations, symbols, 3000 full-color photographs and illustrations, 600 pyrotechnic formulations and 500 data tables!

With more than 100 contributing authors* and an ingenious team of editors, this encyclopedia is the pinnacle of pyrotechnic knowledge!

It covers everything from A-B blood to Zirconium Dihydride and many entries are accompanied by descriptions, illustrations, and equations.

The Encyclopedic Dictionary is Available as a set of 3 hardbound, full-color Books, or as PDF files on a CD.  We keep limited quantities on hand so pick yours up today!

*We are extremely proud to say that RGR’s very own Thaine R. Morris is featured in the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pyrotechnics as a secondary Author and Editor!!

Autographed copies can be prepared upon request.


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Price: from $33.00

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics Book

Movies are notorious for bending and breaking the laws of physics.  Author Tom Rogers humorously examines 20 of the most outrageous offenders—including The Matrix, Speed and Star Wars.

Call 818-994-3049 for more information.

Price: $24.00

Pocket Reference Book


This pocket sized reference book is filled with useful tables, maps, formulas, constants and conversion formulas for a wide variety of fields.  Areas covered include automotive, carpentry, construction, chemistry, physics, electrical, computers and printers, math, geology and more.  The book is softbound, illustrated and features 496  well indexed pages.

And, it really is pocked-sized, its dimensions are 5-1/2″ X 3-1/4″ X 1″ format.

Price: $14.95