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Get a handle on fire protection with flameout.

Here at Roger George Rentals we try to stock products that help special effects people do their jobs well.  It’s why we carry Flameout fire retardant products—they make your job safer.

We currently have 3 Flameout products with a few more exciting options on the way soon.

Flameout 5111FlameOut #5111 

FlameOut 5111 is a clear, non-toxic, non-corrosive water-based fire retardant, specifically designed to pre-treat fabrics and carpet materials. FlameOut 5111 exceeds required nationally recognized fire retardant specifications. FlameOut 5111 even exceeds the tough standards set by the State of California for fabric treatment.

FlameOut #1000Flameout 1000

FlameOut #1000 is a clear, non – toxic, water based organic silicate. It may be used on any unsealed interior or exterior cellulose substance (wood or paper), or organic fabric (specifically cotton or wool.) It has high durability; no odor upon application and is fast drying.

Flameout 3000FlameOut #3000

FlameOut #3000 Paint Additive is a fire RETARDANT that is available in powder form and is especially formulated as an additive for standard water based acrylic paints. It will not affect the characteristics or quality of the original paint. The only change will be the increase of the flame retardancy of the paint. You can add it to any color, any quality, any type and any quantity of paint as long as you follow the approved mixing instructions.


*always test fire retardant products for your application.

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