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Roger George Rentals 3D Scanning

In addition to our 3D Printing Services, Roger George Rentals also provides 3D Scanning services.

Bring in a part and have it scanned, make modifications to the original, then have a duplicate printed.

Call 818-994-3049 for more information.

What kind of things can you scan?
3D scanning works best on small parts and objects. Our scanning “bed” is equipped to handle parts about 12″ by 12″. Larger parts can be scanned, but will need some refining within the CAD software to ensure accuracy.

Also, very reflective, transparent or translucent objects are difficult to capture. Our 3D scanner uses lasers to read the surface of models.  Reflective and transparent surfaces are unreadable and produce bad scans.  The most ideal parts for scanning have a uniform matte finish (preferably a light, neutral color) that doesn’t reflect or refract light. Spraying the part with primer or matte paint can improve scanning results.

Can you 3D scan people?
Although the technology exists for full-body 3D scans of people, our scanner was designed to get very precise scans of small objects. We have done several successful face-scans, the lasers in our scanner are eye-safe.
How accurate is your scanner? How much detail can it pick up?
Our Scanner has an accuracy of .005″ when scanning small objects—less than 4 cubic inches.  Objects between 4 and 12 cubic inches can be scanned with an accuracy of .015″.  For objects over 12 cubic inches it’s possible to run multiple scans at a tolerance of either .005″ or .015″.
Is my part a candidate for 3D scanning?
Our 3D scanner is capable of capturing objects up to 12″ x 12″ x 12″.  Parts must be non-reflective and non-transparent.  Most metals, shiny plastics, reflective paints and glass CANNOT be scanned.  It may be possible to get a quality scan of a reflective/transparent piece by applying a light coating of talcum powder.

If you are interested in replacing a broken part, we’ve found it’s easier, faster and less expensive to have the part designed—as opposed to scanned—by one of our technicians. In most cases, having a technician measure and render a part in the computer yields higher quality finishes than by scanning.

How much does it cost to have my part scanned?
Scans start at $100 for objects 12″ x 12″ x 12″ or smaller.  Larger items require multiple scans and cost proportionally more.  Scanning produces a “raw mesh file” which means you’ll receive a raw scanned rendering NOT a polished CAD model.  We charge $75/hour for our technician’s time to create a polished CAD rendering.  The length of time needed to polish a rendering depends on the complexity and size of the object.

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