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Special Effects Rental and Purchase Forms

All forms can be either Faxed at 818-994-9432 or Emailed to sales@rogergeorge.com

[one_fourth]Credit Authorization Form[/one_fourth] [two_third_last]

Credit Card Authorization

The Credit Card Authorization form gives us permission to charge your card for the purchases that you make with us.

» Download Credit Card Authorization PDF
[/two_third_last] [one_fourth]Credit Card Application Form[/one_fourth] [two_third_last]

Credit Application

If you are interested in opening a PO account with us please fill out this credit application. If your production is affiliated with a major studio you may send us your one sheet. In most cases the one sheet will be all that we will need.

» Download Credit Application PDF
[/two_third_last] [one_fourth]Terms and Condition Form[/one_fourth] [two_third_last]

Rental Terms and Condition

The rental terms and conditions form is required for all rentals. Please put the Company Name in the first field for Lessee. Then please have an authorized representative of the company sign for the Lessee, usually the Producer or UPM on the Show.

» Download Rental Terms and Condition
[/two_third_last] [one_fourth]Insurance Requirement Form[/one_fourth] [two_third_last]

Insurance Requirement

This page will show you the required insurance documents, please look it over carefully. We require a Certificate of insurance as well as an Additional Insured Endorsement. Examples are provided in the PDF

» Download Insurance Requirement
[/two_third_last] [one_fourth]Pyro Agreement Form[/one_fourth] [two_third_last]

Pyro Agreement

The pyro agreement is required for all flammable products that we sell. It must be signed by the licensed pyrotechnican on your show as well as the producer or UPM.

» Download Pyro Agreement PDF
[/two_third_last] [one_fourth]Holatron Agreement Form[/one_fourth] [two_third_last]

Holatron Agreement

The Holatron Agreement is required for the purchase of any piece of Holatron equipment. It must be signed by the pyrotechnic license holder who is purchasing the equipment.

» Download Holatron Agreement PDF
[/two_third_last] [one_fourth]Expendables Checklist[/one_fourth] [two_third_last]

Expendables Checklists

Check off the most common expendable items that you would like to purchase then fax it into us.

» Download Expendables Checklists PDF

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