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Movie dirt is a fine dirt similar to fullers earth

Who knew dirt was so popular?

Movie Dirt has taken off! With less then 1% free crystalline silica, it has become the preferred effects dirt for use on many sets. It’s already the second most popular dirt product sold at Roger George Rentals. Available by the bag or pallet. If you need it shipped to your location that’s no problem just give us a call! Find out more on the Movie…

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Get a handle on fire protection with flameout.

Here at Roger George Rentals we try to stock products that help special effects people do their jobs well.  It’s why we carry Flameout fire retardant products—they make your job safer. We currently have 3 Flameout products with a few more exciting options on the way soon. FlameOut #5111  FlameOut 5111 is a clear, non-toxic, non-corrosive water-based fire retardant, specifically designed to pre-treat fabrics and…

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So you want to be a pyrotechnician

One of the very common questions I get asked is “how do you get a Pyrotechnic License and become a Pyrotechnician?”  Most states now require a license to buy and use pyrotechnics on the movie set. The Federal Government (BATFE) requires a user permit to buy, store, and use explosives. FEDERAL LICENSE – This license is fairly easy to acquire….

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Take a blood soaked walking tour of Los Angeles

Air Squib delivers the drama About 6 months ago UCLA graduate student David Leonard came into the RGR office with a curious request—he wanted to use GPS coordinates throughout Los Angeles to trigger an Air Squib. Thaine Morris (AKA The Man in the Hat) asked, “Now, why would you want to do that?” It turns out David had an intriguing…

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Big improvements to the smallest Look Tiny Foggers

The tale of two smallest look tiny foggers Look Solutions has made some really nice improvements to their smallest foggers that make it even easier to create realistic fog effects. The new Tiny CX Look’s smallest fogger now comes with an easy to remove battery, allowing you to swap it out fast—so you won’t miss your cue. The fogger still…

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Put bullets in bad guys without killing your budget.

It’s possible to produce great bullet hit effects on a small budget. The Air Squib System is a non-pyrotechnic method of achieving realistic “hits” that doesn’t require a licensed pyro-technician to operate—so it costs less to produce—which makes it perfect for student, indie and smaller projects. An Air Squib set-up uses compressed air and special nozzle—that’s easily concealed under talent…

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Pump Your Blood

Need to create a timed squirting artery like effect? Pick up an Artery Pump to pump your blood. This hand squeeze pump will allow you connect tubing so that you can get the effect where you want it. Hook it up with an Air Squib Nozzle or straight out of the hose for a great effect. Watch the Video

Planning A Blood Bath? Call Us!

Now there’s a quicker way to clean up scenes with “blood in the water.”The new RGR Vanishing Blood looks and moves just like real blood in water, but becomes crystal clear when you add just a little chlorine. Click to view our test video—if you’ve got the stomach!  

Make a shot look ice cold with the wax gun

Wax Gun from Roger George Rentals on Vimeo. Looking for a way to create that frosty freezer ice crystal look? Well it’s time to dust off the old wax gun.   It’s a simple device—that’s been used in the industry for over seventy years—comprised of a steel kettle with an air-line. Paraffin Wax Beads are warmed to just over their melting…

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Create the Perfect Winter Wonderland

We have a wide selection of products that can help you create a prefect winter wonderland look. The Silent storm makes great looking falling snow. Use our snow pots to dress large areas with beautiful fluffy snow. Snow Real creates realistic looking snow for closer shots. A nice frosted glass look created with Santa Ice Crystals. We also carry a…

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